Our Mission

We at The Walking Sage Meditations believe that you have the potential to heal your life, your body and your mind. We believe that you can come to know profound peace, absolute inner stillness, self-healing, and how to create more energy in your body and your life. You can learn not only how to move out of negative patterns, but just as importantly, to live authentically through your heart. Our truest desire is that you learn to be the joyful light you came to be and intuitively and divinely shine it on others and the world.

About Doreen Mary Bray

Meditation Categories

Abundance Meditation
When you say yes to your life it keeps you in the flow, it connects you to your center of guidance and creativity, and makes life fun to live. When you say yes your heart opens, and you attract the abundance of the universe into your life. Saying yes is choosing life and living in abundance.
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Chakra Meditation
Each chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at the highest speed. The size and brightness of the chakras vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress. So it's important to keep this energy flowing freely.
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Energy Meditation
When you start integrating The Energy Chi Meditation as part of your daily practice your body’s stored, pent-up energies will be released into your system. The more chi life force energy you get, the more active, focused and uplifted you will become. Enjoy more energy now!
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Grounding Meditation
Experience the benefits of grounding. The earth is an alive, breathing, conscious, splendid organism (having an identical self-regulating system as humans possess) and it represents the whole of the fluctuating universe. Because everything is inextricably linked to one another, even our overall health is connected to the earth’s health.
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Healing Meditation
These healing Meditations will pull you back together again. As they help you collect all your split off, scattered selves, you will begin to move into feelings of wholeness and peace, where all healing begins. Enjoy the feeling of oneness as you heal and experience the peace it will bring you.
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Joy Meditation
Happy people enjoy their lives. They look forward to a new day and all of its possibilities. This series of meditations will increase your own sense of well-being and give your day purpose. You will have a jump in your step, a smile on your face and you will be ready for the greatest day, ever!
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Oneness Meditation
Explore the feeling of oneness. The Matrix is considered the mind of God and within the matrix are all things created in heaven and earth. The good and the bad, the high and the low the right and the wrong. All possibilities without exception are on the matrix.
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Peace Meditation
Release not just your everyday fears but even the oldest most limiting & ancient fears. Doing these meditations for a few weeks as a daily practice will empower you, and help you soar into your highest expression of yourself...into fearlessness, into peace. Be the light you are.
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Pregnancy Meditation
Meditation has been found to be an effective way for women to alleviate stress. Clearing your emotions and your mind, by doing this short 10 minute Stress Free Baby and I Meditation, will totally prevent the physical effects of stress on both you and your baby.
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Releasing Meditation
Releasing, brings you the thoughts to focus on and doing so will determine where your energy flows, and thus what is created in your life. Each thought has a vibration, and so changing the thought, changes the vibration which becomes reproduced in how you perceive your life and body.
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Sleep Meditation
"Once upon a time, you could sleep like a baby. Now you'd be lucky to get a full eight hours of peaceful, uninterrupted slumber." By Dr. Mehmet Oz Do you have trouble falling asleep? Does your mind toss and flip around ideas after ideas? Get a fitful sleep now!
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Wheel of Life Meditation
Wheel of Life
The Spiritual Warrior in you cries out to be heard, to be seen, to be acknowledged and lastly to be lived. This Spiritual Warrior Meditation brings the true warrior in you to life. Watch as this meditation empowers you, transforms you and brings you the inner power you need, to become all you came to be!
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