by Doreen Mary Bray

Doreen Mary Bray is an internationally sought-after energetic healer, meditation sage and teacher with over 30 years experience in natural and energetic healing modalities. She became aware of her extraordinary healing and meditative abilities as a young child, and began her lifelong mission to help those in need live free of ailments while awakening to their true potential. In her practice, she combines inner guidance with different therapeutic modalities and other proven techniques to activate clients’ innate healing capabilities. She has helped many reverse disease through meditation and by employing other various mind, body, and soul therapies. A visionary thinker, speaker and author, she continues to push the boundaries in meditation and natural healing by providing new perspectives to help people realize their multi-dimensional nature and achieve self-mastery.

Her teachings and meditation approach bridges philosophy, psychology, spirituality, the Meridians, Soul centered inner body work, Massage Therapy, cranial sacral release, sound and vibrational medicine, body structural modification and spinal work, healing the inner child modalities, potent Energetic Therapies and healings, grid and matrix re-alignment and re-programming and re-patterning the DNA.

Doreen hosts regular mediations around a bonfire, Shamanic and ancient group healing sessions such as retreat workshops, sweat lodges ceremonies and Medicine Wheel journeying. In addition to being an energetic therapist, Doreen was also the founder of the Institute of Energetic Healing where she taught aspiring natural health practitioners proven mind-body-soul healing and meditation techniques studying in such areas as the higher teachings of Energetic Anatomy, meridian healing techniques and hosted an advanced Spiritual Shamanistic curriculum.