The Walking Sage Meditations

Where's your soul,

if your soul is not home?

Soulful Meditations by internationally sought-after

energetic healer and teacher Doreen Mary Bray

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Energetic Anatomy – Home Study Course: The Energetic Anatomy courses range from level 1 to level 12. They have been created to place emphasis on the whole person by teaching about the deeper needs and functions of the body, the mind and the spirit which together create the blueprint for the healing process. All course levels focuses and emphasizes self-mastery, spiritual and soul-centered empowerment, and brings attention to your life purpose and calling as you learn and train to become an Integrative Psycho-Spiritual Healer.

Whether you wish to have a new profession or embrace the opportunity for self-mastery these classes are for you. Based on the philosophies of ancient teachings plus incorporating energy medicine, the healing arts of herbal remedies, cleanses, raw food choices, vitamin, supplementation along with studying a person's various nutritional needs, this Integrative Psycho-Spiritual Healing Courses will teach you as it awakens your or your client's inherent restorative and healing potential.

This home study course has been designed to teach you the deeper understandings of the human body, and its energetic components so you may live a healthy and prosperous life and once you undertake and accomplish the program, you are prepared to enter the healing arts industry with a wide-range of training and deeper knowledge. Each one of these videotaped classes and programs are taught by Doreen Mary Bray who is a leading internationally sought out healer, speaker and teacher whose expertise in the mind-body-soul fields are unsurpassed.

Upon completion of all 12 levels:

Integrative Psycho-Spiritual Healing™ Certificate Program

This home study Energetic Anatomy course is one of the leading 'complete mind-body-soul' healing program in North America.


Energetic Anatomy Level I: Home Study Program

This course concentrates on grounding and deeply rooting into your life. It offers unique healing and remedial approaches that will enable personal enrichment, deep and profound healing and Soul-Source-Self-discovery. It begins by helping you understand your energetic body and how it influences all that you are and all that you are living.

You can heal.
You can change your life around.
You can become all you came to be.
Let me teach you how.

  • $47.00
Energetic Anatomy Level II : Home Study Program

Coming soon!

Energetic Anatomy Level III : Home Study Program

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