The Walking Sage Meditations

Where's your soul,

if your soul is not home?

Soulful Meditations by internationally sought-after

energetic healer and teacher Doreen Mary Bray

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This lecture series is given by Doreen Mary Bray and covers a variety of topics related to Energy Medicine, Energetic Anatomy, Quantum Healing, Health, Your Multi-Dimensional Soul-Self and Wellness.

Please join us for a motivating and enlightening cohesive exploration into the little-known paradigms of ultimate health, healing, energy medicine, and the process of dis-ease. Begin your enlightening journey toward a holistic approach to your life as you learn about the physical, emotional, and the vibratory energetic manifestations of all that you are living.

Each lecture is approximately 2 1/2 hours in length and starts at 7:00 pm.

Please click on the PayPal button next to the topic to enroll.

Limited seating so register early.

Each lecture will include free refreshments during the question and answer period at the end of the talk.

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Backyard Meditations

Do you want to have a better, healthier, happier life? Do you want to deepen your connection to yourself & to your partner & friends?

So take you next evolutionary leap in consciousness & come to one of our Outdoor Backyard Meditations.

Only $20.00 per Meditation From 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Limited space so reserving your spot is necessary. Register now!

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Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation


The ceremonies are done in harmony and respect for the Native American tradition of going into a sweat lodge to purify ones mind, body and connection to their soul. The way through the gates into the higher realms are believed to only be achievable by releasing the heavy and dead things inside of us; the toxins. In their tradition the toxins are believed to be held in the mind through our negative thought forms, in the body and in the organs from the poisons in our food, air and water. It is understood that the toxicity is what creates the barrier between the person and their soul and their higher calling.

This Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a normal, general themed, ancient ritualize event focusing on all the so called normal traumas, pains, suffering, anger, etc. of life. It will gracefully & sacredly lift you into joy, peace, acceptance, love and into your radiant, authentic self.

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Intensive 5 Day Shamanistic WorkshopTM in the Country

This course comprises 5 full days and 4 evenings of intensive soul communication. Each day begins with breakfast and then yoga. You will be led through many walks through the woods in meditation, learning to deeply and profoundly connect with the earth. You will learn earth rituals and methods to bring in the earth’s powers of healing and rejuvenation. Guided to a stream and/or lake, you will then do tree, rock, and/or bird merging meditations or what's called shapeshifitng. Come and experience one of the most powerfully altering self healings through the guided sweat lodge meditations (Native American tradition). These sweatlodge meditations (there are two) consist of a 3-4 hour intensive releasing created to move out all density, drama, trauma, fears, horror, programming, and all lived limitations... from your body all the way down to your DNA.

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Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation