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Body Talk 2 Meditation – Talking to Your Illness


Building a link & an eventual deep connection to your body is vital to your health & your ability to heal. In this meditation you move your conscious attention to your body & the part that is in illness or disease.

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  • Duration: 10:40
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Body Talk 2 Meditation – Talking to Your Illness

Body Talk 2 helps you deepen your link between your mind and your body. Building a relationship & an eventual deep connection to your body is vital to restoring your health & your body's natural ability to heal itself.

This meditation teaches you how to use a holistic, non-invasive way to relieve physical discomfort, feelings of icky-ness, pain and dis-ease, and begin the journey of bringing health, healing & vitality back into your body.

Every organ, cell and atom in the body is in never-ending communication. Sickness, illness and dis-ease create interference and disruption in the transmission of information which disturbs communication between all the different body parts. That interference can create more illness & dis-ease. Learning how your body speaks to you and learning how to speak to it, sets up a line new of communication which re-synchronizes and re-aligns your cells communication center allowing the body's natural healthy transmissions to respond effectively to injury and illness.

The Body Talk 2 Meditation teaches you how to move your conscious attention to your body & the part that is in pain, illness or dis-ease. Through communication, observation, understanding & acknowledgement a bridge & connection is created initiating your body's full and powerful healing response.

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