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Cosmic Wave Meditation


Most people are on 'no' position. They live in a struggle type reality where vast energy is spent in resistance. Once we learn to say 'yes' instead, all of your energy & feeling about yourself & your life will change.

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Cosmic Wave Meditation

"If light is in your heart, you will find your way home" —Rumi

It is believed that a large number of the population are asleep, un-awakened. Through the pains they have suffered and the personal truths they have kept hidden away, they have numbed themselves into survival mode. The purpose of this meditation is to help release, and relieve the sleeping parts of oneself and to welcome and guide the awakening soul-self.

This is a very old meditation. It was created and practiced by the ancient Essenes. The ancient Essenes (200 BC) taught and communicated the fundamental truths of healing and God, that later birthed up the lineage of wisdom taught by most of the major religions of the world.

This Cosmic Wave Meditation brings your focus on creating and flushing inner light through the body. That light will shines into the darkest areas of the mind, body and soul, and by doing so invites the darkness to change itself into light. This clearing and cleansing meditation sets up a healing wave that brings into motion a whole process of awakening the soul.

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