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Deep Sleep Meditation


Do you have trouble falling asleep? This deep soothing meditation will relax you so deeply it will put you to sleep even before it's over.

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Deep Sleep Meditation

"Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth." —Walt Whitman

The science is clear: getting a good night's sleep is a key component of good health. Without it, our bodies and our minds become weary. Lack of sleep can affect everything from your eating habits and weight to hormones and immune system disorders.

For many, falling asleep is not as simple as putting your head on the pillow and closing your eyes. We all have experienced the difficulty of trying to quiet our mind at the end of a busy day. Shutting it all down at bedtime isn't easy. Some people are light sleepers and are never quite able to go deep down into the dream state where all natural healing begins.

By using this Deep Sleep Meditation your whole person will be involved in the process of going to sleep, not just the brain. This deep soothing meditation helps to relax your mind & your body into such a deep state, you'll most likely find yourself falling asleep way before it's over. Keep this meditation by your bedside and use it once you are in bed and all the lights are off, or during the night when you can't get back to sleep. Sweet dreams!

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