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Denouncing Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Struggles


In this powerful and ancient Denouncing Your Demons Meditation you will be taken step by step into denouncing and releasing your demons and as you do so, reclaiming your personal power over yourself and your life.

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Denouncing Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Struggles

It is said that our actions are either governed by demons or by the angels.

Liberate yourself from the darkness that holds the clouds of doubt and despair within you and around you. Come out of the smothering and suffocating fog, and in so doing, awaken to the splendour and grace-filled beauty of life.

What is a demon? A demon could be born out of a shocking and traumatic life experience — a frightening event from the past that stains your heart and triggers your emotions and memories. A demon can also be something you are persistently struggling with, like an eating disorder, an addiction, a deep dark depression, or an offensive or physically abusive relationship you feel trapped in, but are afraid to do anything about.

Regardless of how your demons came into existence, it is normal to be fearful and perplexed by them. If they were not terrifying, they would not be a demon.

Most people become desperate to free themselves of the choking and strangling demonic forces that have taken over their lives. Feeling powerless, most take action the only way in which they know how. They go into a deep sleep by numbing themselves. They may binge drink, abuse drugs, or become addicted to sex, and/or pop happy pills and believe they are content as they seemingly blissfully lose themselves in their dangerous indulgences. Or they may be overly obsessed by their careers, or their codependent relationships. Many live their lives either partying or quite the opposite, numbingly slump in front of their television sets night after night. Yet regrettably, the demons do not disappear by simply ignoring them.

In fact, they may only escalate when they are ignored and unresolved, and manifest in very warped and twisted ways. These troubled monsters may wreak havoc in your relationships, escalate anxieties and fears, deaden your work life and destroy your personal sense of peace. It's like having a disease and leaving it untreated or trying to ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own.

Listening to the Denouncing Your Demons Meditation will help you deal with the torturous twisters that are destroying your insides! Its powerful and ancient meditation techniques will denounce the smothering darkness and in so doing, fill you with light instead.

You will finally be able to stop fighting your demons, and instead release them in a healthy and natural ancient way. You will be able to embrace your aliveness and your light and become a fully awakened human, radiantly flourishing, and whole. It is the path to healing.

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