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Dissolving Cords


The definition of suffering in Buddhist terms, is ‘attachment’. Not only are you a physical body but you also have a spiritual and energetically vibrating body.

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Dissolving Cords

Not only are you a physical body but you also have a spiritual and energetically vibrating body. Whether you are conscious of it or not, when you have contact with others your energetic body is touching, mixing and intermingling with other energetic bodies. This is a natural process.

The ritual of dissolving cords is based on the idea that when we regularly think of a particular person, place, or thing, we begin to energetically link to that person or object. Over time that link turns into an energetic highway which we call a thread or cord. These are "etheric" cords. Etheric cords have the capacity to reroute enormous amounts of energy from you. Those with 3 rd eye sight can perceive the cords as dark in colour. There are all kinds of cords. They can be thick or thin. You can have a multitude of them, or only one. They can be as large as a tree trunk or threaded as tiny as a spiders webs. You can be attached mentally, emotionally, sexually, or through the heart, the solar plexus or even your head.

Besides your life force energy, the cords act as a way to send and receive psychic energy to and from each other. Every time you enter a relationship, an energetic thread starts growing. The thread sustains the energetic exchange. If the relationship grows, so does the thread. Over time the threads weave themselves together forming cords. The more we think about and therefore send our energy to that person, (place or thing) the thicker and bigger the cord grows. Cords are attachments that energetically, mentally and emotionally drain you. They also tie you to past negative experiences, people and places. Even if your relationships ended years ago, you may still be draining your vital life force energy into that person, and the traumas created from those shared experiences.

Every time you purposely attach yourself to something or someone, you are not only draining your own vital life force energy, but you are also lessening your capacity to move freely and spontaneously. You become stuck.

The Buddhist definition of suffering, is 'attachment'. This means that releasing yourself from negative energetic attachments, will propel you into freedom consciousness.

Cord dissolving releases you from all harmful, draining energetic threads. It will not end any relationships, but will instead dissolve all the negative energetic stories which, if you are agreeable, will open you up to new possibilities and beginnings. As you free yourself from the past, only good will remain. Afterward, learning to love in a much higher way will mean to connect through the heart from a place of 'loving detachment'. This means you simply love with all your heart without any neediness, insecurity, fear, ego heightening or needing to control another.

Listening to this Cord Dissolving Meditation will take you through the stages of cord releasing and dissolving and as it releases you, you will finally be able to experience energetic, mental and emotional freedom. As you release all unwanted cords of attachment, the freedom felt will leave you in a profoundly deep peace of mind. Then you will finally be able to love from a heartfelt, truly loving place. This means from that moment on, you will give your love and receive love freely, without any strings attached.

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