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Embracing Your Past and Aligning to Your Soul


Are you avoiding your past like the plague? Does your resistance to your past create stress in your life and in your body?

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Embracing Your Past and Aligning to Your Soul

Does your resistance to your past create stress in your life and in your body?

In order to move forward it's important to come to terms with, and ultimately heal your past. Your past is the truth of your life. That is why hiding from it or pretending it didn't happen can create an illusory, unreal life where you feel like you are play-acting. It can generate a life-time of pain, stress, anger, fear, inner conflict and possibly even disease, within your body and your life.

Owning your past and your story and harnessing inner strength from it is one of the most important ingredients for health, happiness and a dynamic, vibrant life.

Your past has imprinted in you. It controls who you are, how you live your life and how you express yourself each and every day. Your past was not an accident, a coincidence or a mistake. It is your story and your history. But your past is a problem if it has made you weak, fearful and convinces you to hide in pain, instead of it making you stronger then you ever imagined you could be. Which direction you go defines you.

Allowing your past to control your present, means you are missing out on living your life as an empowered being right now. That is why this Embracing Your Past and Aligning to Your Soul Meditation is your empowerment key that you need to heal, embrace and transform your past. By following this soft and gentle guiding meditation, you will become energized about your future, and finally freed, to live as that awesome person you really are!

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