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The Energy, Chi Meditation


Your body is a storehouse of pent-up energy. In Chinese Medicine, your Chi energy is considered your life force energy. Learn how to use the ancient wisdoms from long ago to unlock & release unlimited Chi energy.

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The Energy, Chi Meditation

Chi is the ever circulating life flow energy that in Chinese medicine, is believed to be a fundamental energy that is inborn within all things. It is an essential life giving energy that is internally generated and provides unification of the body, mind and soul.

There are many names for "chi energy". Some people call it "vital life force energy", "cosmic energy", "the God within" or "universal energy". It's the fuel that gives us life because it powers every single process in our bodies.

Unfortunately, in our society, our body is a storehouse of pent-up chi energy. When you are worried and stressed, you send the emotional frequencies of fear, panic and insecurity throughout your physical body. Your body's natural reaction to those bursts of emotional insecurities is to protect itself. How? By tensing your muscles, in a self-protective way. This tensing stops the circulation of the life flow energy of chi. Once your chi energy becomes blocked it leaves the body vulnerable and defenceless. As energy drains from long term tensed areas, eventual insecurities and depressive states begin to take hold.

The core of your chi power center works like an energetic heart. It has the same function for circulating chi energy as your heart has for the circulation of your blood. When your chi energy begins to pool and stagnate, so do you.

Without Chi energy, it you have no force, no power or drive and doing even the simplest things might be challenging and draining. This Energy Chi Meditation uses the ancient wisdoms from long ago to unlock and release unlimited chi energy into your energy starved system.

When you start integrating The Energy Chi Meditation as part of your daily practice, your body's stored, pent-up energies will be released into your system. As you advance in your meditation practises you will begin to feel the high energy vibrations of your life-giving chi energy releasing into your body. The more chi life force energy you get, the more active, focused and uplifted you will become.

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