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From Fear to Light


Fear cripples ones ability to move forward & take flight. This meditation releases even the oldest most limiting & ancient fears. It enables you to take back your power & soar.

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From Fear to Light

"Fear pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose." —Eckhart Tolle

If you try to dominate, control or ignore your fears it will only take away your power by controlling some other area of your life. No matter what the fear is, it will control you. Fear destroys. Fear creates separation. Fear is the darkest most negative vibration within human existence. We must utilize our fear by finding it and then transforming it.

Fear rises up from the lower, denser dimensions of existence but cannot rise into the higher frequencies of light, love and truth. Therefore, fear can only raise high enough to connect with other fears. Grouped together they create stress and in some, manifests as dis-ease. You cannot push fear away, nor can you run from it. It will not be denied and you cannot overpowered it. These third dimensional ways of dealing with it do not work. You are only feeding the fear with your conscious or unconscious attention, and so it is like feeding a predatory shark. It will come back to bite down harder.

Fear is a constrictive and limiting force. It disempowers you and breaks you down as opposed to higher energies like truth, acceptance and compassion, all of which are expansive and receptive energies.

The only way to heal fear is by releasing and transforming it into something else…light.

This meditation From Fear to Light, releases not just your everyday fears but even the oldest, most limiting & ancient fears. Doing this meditation for a few weeks as a daily practice, will empower you and help you soar into your highest expression of yourself…into fearlessness.

Fearlessness creates perfect health, abundance, and a deep joyfulness in all you do and say. It will boost you into living a high frequency ultimate state, of fearlessness.

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