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Climbing the Matrix of Creation


Humans are conditioned to experience dark, heavy, angry feelings & emotions. This meditation helps you unplug from the conditioned lower, denser frequencies of existence.

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Climbing the Matrix of Creation

The Matrix is considered the mind of God. Within the matrix, are all things created in heaven and earth. The good and the bad, the high and the low, the right and the wrong. All possibilities without exception are in the matrix.

Climbing the Matrix is about bringing conscious awareness to the fact that you are either climbing the strings of creation and becoming something greater than what you can even imagine yourself to be, or staying plugged into the lower programmed, darker, ego based minds of ordinary sleeping unconsciousness.

You are always connected to the Matrix and therefore connected to God, but where are you on the Matrix? Are you in the higher, finer frequency of possibilities or are you living the lower, heavier darker ones?

As a regular human being your brain has been hardwired to think and act as everyone else. To live an existence of sleep walking. Because of this, most stay and live on the frequencies of the matrix they were born plugged into.

Regardless of your position upon it, you live in and on the Matrix. Many know this but few stop to think about it. The Matrix is what keeps you alive and connected to everyone and everything else. But it can also be and experienced as a prison.

Humans are conditioned to experience dark, heavy, angry feelings and emotions. This powerful, transformational Matrix of Creation Meditation will totally change you. It instructs and helps you unplug from the conditioned lower, denser frequencies of existence and instead propels you into a method of conscious self-lifting. As you plug into the highest matrix (God) expressions of yourself, you begin to see, smell, know and embrace the unlimited, unconditioned, powerful you.

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