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Healing My Mother Wounds Meditation


This Healing My Mother Wounds Meditation will take you through the different stages of release. Each time you listen to this meditation, little by little the karmic knots related to the emotional wounds will begin to unravel. As they unravel, your breathing will automatically deepen, thereby signaling a release wherever the wounds were created. This meditation will bring you emotional, karmic and physical freedom.

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Healing My Mother Wounds

If you choose to heal your past and your relationship with your mother or your father, you are likely to come across something called karmic knots. A karmic knot is a physical or an emotional trauma that has accumulated over the years and is stored in the soft tissues of your body. Physically occurring karmic knots can show themselves as stress and feelings of pain or discomfort in your body. It can express as a relentless pain in your shoulder or your shoulder blades, an aching stiff neck, inflexible hips, or painful knees and/or legs.

Emotional karmic knots can occur from the interactions between you and your parents that traumatized and wounded you and that were left unresolved and unhealed. They damage the mind and eventually the body. They can scar or weaken your mind and your body and in so doing create a "pain body". A pain body is comprised of highly charged wounds that if left unhealed, can split the fabric of your relationship with yourself.

The wounded, almost broken children, who as adults find a way to repair their pain body, are the ones that afterward in some way, save the world. This kind of wound is called a sacred wound and considered a sacred gift.

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