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Opening the Flow


In order to heal, create good health and prevent illness it's important that your bio-energy continuously circulates and flows unhindered and efficiently.

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Opening the Flow

The secret to opening up your bio-energy flow is found here, in this Opening the Flow Meditation. In order to heal, create good health and prevent illness, it's important that your bio-energy continuously circulates and flows unhindered and efficiently.

Your Bio-Energy life force system has a circulation system similar to your blood-circulation system. If it gets damaged, congested or blocked, your energy levels drop. For ultimate healing, your key focus needs to be in unblocking and balancing the energy flow. Essential healing can be initiated and accelerated by deliberately focusing on opening up your energy channels and energy highways.

This Opening the Flow Meditation takes you through the stages of clearing and cleaning your bio-energetic highways and your energy fields. As you listen it guides you through different stages of releasing and emptying, and as it does so it assists you into opening up the flow of life force energy within.

The Opening the Flow Meditation starts at the top of your head and helps you clean out all the stories and the thoughts, feelings and things that have been weighing you down. It clears away the debris and heaviness. It will help you wash away all the hate, all the fears and all the insecurities that have weighed your life and your body down. It takes you through body part after body part until all of your meridians and energy system has been swept clean of all the limiting fears, stories and beliefs. This powerful meditation is deeply captivating and freeing, while being intensely healing and restorative.

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