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2nd Chakra: Orange Meditation


The Sacral Chakra is about 2 to 3 inches below your belly button and is associated to your relationships. It is the dwelling place of your sense of self.

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2nd Chakra: Orange Meditation

The 2nd or Sacral Chakra is about 2 to 3 inches below your belly button and is associated to your relationships. Its energy color is orange. It is the dwelling place of your sense of self. It holds your ability to love (be in relationship with) yourself or another. It governs your sexuality, your sense of self-esteem, your relationship with your creative urges and your frustrations. Your 2 nd Chakra rules over how you perceive your life lessons concerning feelings of blame and guilt, your personal power and control over yourself and others regarding intimacy and sex. This Chakra is your base of self-government, integrity and principles.

The Second Chakra is you in relationship with your ability to manifest, and your relationship with yourself, people, objects, money and prosperity. Information kept in this Chakra involves your emotions and feelings of duality. An imbalance in the Sacral Chakra may manifest as an eating disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, intimacy issues, impotence, self-hatred, bad relationships and self-abuse.

A balanced second chakra leads to feelings of wellness, abundance, pleasure, and joy. You can open this chakra with creative expression, meditation and by honoring your body and your life journey. The energy of this chakra is feminine, passive, and lunar. This chakra teaches us to lessen our control issues and find a balance in our relationship with ourselves and in our relationships with others, teaching us to recognize that acceptance and rejection are not the only possibilities in our relationships.

Doing this 2 nd Chakra, Orange Meditation, will enable you to access your own unconscious relationship issues without interference from your analytical mind and its critical voice. While in this meditation you will receive new profound insights as it frees you to unleash your habitual thoughts and feelings and as you do so, learn to integrate a higher level of freedom consciousness.

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