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Peace Meditation


In this meditation you are brought into your centre of profound peace. From this place life begins to flow & the joy of it expands within & around you.

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Peace Meditation

In most of our lives, there is stress. There always seems to be something happening that like a magnet, pulls all of our attention, as it drains out our energy. With society increasing in complexity, finding true inner peace can feel like trying to find an oasis in the desert.

Peace is an inner state originating from being mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically stress and anxious free. Most spiritual practices say peace is experienced through a connection and knowingness of oneself. Finding inner peace is routinely attained through the tradition of meditation.

The reason meditations such as this one work is because peace already exists within you. It is your true nature. But because many of us constantly search for peace outside of ourselves, we forget that it's been right there inside all this time. With daily life pulling us in one direction and then another, a person's senses and mind can be overly occupied. It is only when we use meditation practises such as this one that the precious state of deep peace returns.

In this Peace Meditation you are brought into your centre of light and peace. As you rest in this place of genuine deep inner peace it increasingly ripples out and touches each and every person in your life. This deepening state of inner peace will grow each time you do this meditation until all you know and feel is peace, regardless of what challenges life brings. It will return you to your true inner state of profound peace.

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