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The Power of Fire Meditation


Fire burns everything leaving only ash. It's pure radiant light & in meditation used as a transformation vessel. This meditation will take you into the deepest, wildest parts of yourself, and set you free.

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The Power of Fire Meditation

The world and everything within it is the manifestation of the Divine in form. From the smallest creatures that crawl the earth's surface, to the mightiest ancient trees. From the rivers, lakes and streams to the mountains and valleys below. From the elementals to the invisible forces on our planet, all of them, are manifestations of the Divine in physical form.

Fire is a crucial, essential power whose forces are part of the sacred transformational energies of creation. We have used fire to heat our homes, to cook our food and as an exterior force since the beginning of civilization.

As a medium of transformation, this meditation on fire enables your ability to experience unconditional spiritual awakening and universal guidance and wisdom. It will help you embrace the Divine within by providing healing medicine for your soul.

Fire meditations and rituals are part of all spiritual pathways as a living, ever present energy that provides insight, guidance and metamorphosis.

Fire is a pure radiant light. This Power of Fire Meditation brings the pure light of fire to the limiting thoughts and stories that you need to burn up and release. It will free you from everything that limits you in any way. Not just from this life, but from all the lives you have ever lived, freeing you from karma and anything else that has entrapped you & kept you a prisoner. This meditation is a powerful transformational vessel that will take you into the deepest, darkest, oldest and wildest parts of yourself, and set you free to become the light being that you truly are.

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