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Collecting Your Scattered Selves Meditation


When we rush through our busy lives parts of ourselves split off. It leaves us with an empty feeling & as though we are no longer whole but instead in pieces.

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Collecting Your Scattered Selves Meditation

Have you ever wished that you could be in two places at once? How often have you told yourself that if there were just a few more hours in the day, then you could get everything done?

Watch a mother as she coordinates the schedules of her four children, navigates her career, takes care of her family, the pets, and herself. Her energy quickly drains away as fragments of herself are splitting off while she navigates through her overly demanding life. Getting everything accomplished in a day can become a daunting task and often the quality of the work produced diminishes because we are not fully present, so parts of ourselves are missing in the decision making. When the body-mind system enters overwhelm, it begins to fragment and when it can't take it anymore, it just clocks out to try and preserve itself. When you ride this fast, fear driven wave long enough, you eventually crash.

We may not be able to change how we rush through our busy life, but when left with an empty feeling & as though we are in pieces, we do have the power to stop and collect the parts of ourselves that split off. Doing so will bring you back into oneness & your center of power. This Collecting Your Scattered Self Meditation will pull you back together again. As it helps you collect all your split off, scattered selves, you will begin to move into feelings of wholeness and peace, where all healing begins.

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