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Healing the Wounded Child


The inner Wounded Child represents the part of the heart and brain that contains unhealed emotional wounds and traumas from childhood.

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Healing the Wounded Child

Wholeness comes when you have reclaimed all the wounded parts of yourself.

The inner wounded child represents the part of the heart and brain that contains unhealed, emotional wounds and traumas from childhood. As you move towards healing, you will find that your wounded, powerless child-self, can create the greatest heart-ache, emotional flare-ups and division between the child you, and the present day you.

Many people endure a disconnect and dismiss their childhood experiences. They minimize the impact these experiences have and in so doing, maybe unknowingly, suffer. It's a self-protective mechanism. They hide, reject, or disagree with their childhood beliefs and feelings, and shove the painful, disconnected parts of themselves into a deep dark hole within, somehow believing doing so will alleviate their pain.

Thus the goal of this Healing the Wounded Child Meditation is to travel to the wounded child's deeply hidden underground hiding places and let go, release, heal, and reclaim the true authentic self you were born to be. It will guide you to set free all the wounded parts of yourself, and once done, it will help you align to the great, empowered, authentic being you've always truly been.

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