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3rd Chakra: Yellow Meditation


This 3rd Chakra Yellow Meditation will bring you deeply into feelings of freedom and wholeness and as you begin to reclaim your power you will feel your life moving forward with confidence and personal authority.

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3rd Chakra: Yellow Meditation

The 3rd Chakra is the solar plexus chakra. Its energy color is yellow. When it is filled with light and goodness it allows one to really know and have compassion for oneself.

As the center of willpower, it seeks pleasure and enjoyment, and is the balance point between the dark and the light. The third chakra governs choices you make. You make them through your perception of who you are. Good or bad. Light or dark. Loving or fearful.

When your solar plexus is either blocked or inactive, you will be out of balance and you will have trouble concentrating, and you may have difficulty making the right choices especially if you feel stressed, nervous or fearful. You may also have anxiety over getting things done and will therefore procrastinate.

The third chakra governs your gut. Your gut reaction, instincts and guidance comes from a balanced solar plexus chakra. Your ability to have a highly intuitive response and a very sensitive nature is because your third chakra draws impressions on an energy level. When this chakra is in balance, these imprints can be more accurate than your physical-mental impressions of people or situations.

By listening to this 3rd Chakra Yellow Meditation the strength and inner light ignited, will give you the ability to make sensible, conscious and powerful choices. It will bring you deeply into feelings of freedom and wholeness and as you begin to reclaim your power you will feel your life moving forward with confidence and personal authority...

With continued listening, this empowering 3rd Chakra Yellow Meditation will guide you into transforming inner stagnation and inactivity, into action, flow and movement. The more you listen, the more it will bring you into meeting challenges head-on and stimulate your life into moving forward in a more balanced, powerful and joyful manner.

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